Charles Ellis Private 3/16827 North Staffordshire Regiment 3 rd  battalion killed in action 26 th  January 1917 in Basra Buried in Amara War Cemetery, Iraq Charles Ellis was the son of Robert Ellis and Martha Anne née Walker. His mother was the daughter of Ann Walker, the daughter of Charles and Sarah Walker who lived most of their lives in Woodseaves, but also in Gnosall parish. Charles was called up and enlisted with the North Staffordshire Regiment (private 3/16827) in Stafford on the 10 th  February 1915. His address at that time was Knightley Eves and he was working as a ‘farm servant’. Charles was posted from North Staffordshire 3 rd  battalion to the 7 th  on the 15 th  August 1915, becoming part of the 13 th  Division (a Division of volunteers) part of the 39 th  Infantry Brigade, and sent to Gallipoli. On the 30 th  October 1915 Charles was admitted to the field hospital with dysentery. He survived and sailed to join the 13 th  Division Base in Sidi Bishr, Alexandria, Egypt (to assist in the Palestine Campaign (fighting for the Sinai Peninsula against the Ottoman Empire and Germany) and to regroup in readiness for further action in Mesopotamia) arriving on the 18 th  February 1916. The regiment then embarked from Port Said on the 21 st  March 1916, arriving in Basra on the 6 th  April 1916. Charles then rejoined his unit in the field on the 24 th  April. He was admitted to the field hospital again on the 19 th  September and transferred to the hospital at Amara, from which he was discharged on the 14 th  October and rejoined his battalion in Basra on New Year’s Eve 1916-17. Just under a month later, on the 26 th  January 1917, Charles Ellis was killed in action. He is buried in Amara War Cemetery, Iraq