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Gnosall History
Hopefully you will find this website both informative and interesting. The menu bar above is visible most of the time allowing you to switch between the various pages easily. TheRecordsbutton takes you to transcripts of St Lawrence and Moreton Church Births, Marriages, & Burial registers. Churchyard Headstone Inscriptions and Churchyard and Cemetery plans. Also transcripts of Census records Other buttons navigate to interesting People, village Organisations and Places etc. Pages contain Text, Photographs, Drawings, Videos and Audio Clips from 1970s interviews.
We are a small group researching and recording all aspects of Gnosall's past. We’re completely independent, just love what we do and are happy to share our findings. If you have any old documents, photos, postcards, stories, or information about our lovely village that you are willing to share we would love to hear from you
NEW Click on the blue  text click here to email Bob Johnson at Gnosall History John Sydney Poppitt   (Syd) Shopkeeper - Lived to be 104 years old His autobiography Gnosall Schools Log BooksInfants School 1915-1961Junior School 1874-1970Heronbrook School 1857-1976
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