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Gnosall Schools Log Books
Gnosall School Logbooks
Parochial Junior School 1874-1906 Parochial Junior School 1939-1970 Parochial Junior School 1907-1939 Infants School 1915-1961 Heronbrook Secondary School 1957-1976
In 1862 Parliament agreed a Revised Code of Education in an attempt to improve standards in grant-aided schools. This included the requirement for the principal teacher to make a brief daily entry in a log book on progress and other relevant facts. In 1871 this requirement changed to a minimum weekly entry.
One of the provisions was that a diary or Log Book was required for each school, listing visitors, teachers, pupil numbers and various incidents and events including epidemics, celebrations and absenteeism. Entries had to be recorded and updated frequently. Various interesting occurrences have been indexed in drop-down lists for each Log Book or the reader can browse the pages.
Five of the log books exist for Gnosall Schools and have been digitised and made available for viewing. Click on the button bars above to view details..
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